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Financial Inventory

What We Do

Our financial inventory service gives you a cost and price accounting of your inventory, allowing you to properly estimate your profit margin. We give you information on your products, organized by category and given in retail value. Financial Inventories come in two forms: Gross Margin and Recap Reports.


A Gross Margin count is used to find the value of the store's inventory at both retail and cost values. In order for the at-cost numbers to be as accurate as possible, we'll work with you to get product categories and product margins. We can also provide you with the standard margins for each category to help you make the decision that is best for your business.


A Recap Report only includes the retail value of your store, and can be used to help you understand how product is moving at a glace. With recap reports, we only need the categories that you'd like your product to be seperated by.  

Change of Ownership

What We Do

For those businesses that have just changed ownership, we'll do a regular inventory audit to help the new owner determine the cost and retail value of the inventory. This allows us to provide you with information that you'll need to make decisions that will impact your business.


We act as the neutral third-party between the buyer and seller to give the value, at-cost, of the store inventory. When we finish the count, both parties will know that they're engaging in a transaction that benefits everyone. 


We'll start with the standard categories and margins to determine the cost of product, but the buyer and seller can agree on different margins, which will change the cost of certain categories. As long as the buyer and seller both agree, we can make any changes to the counts, prices, or totals to get the best deal for both sides. 


What We Do


The Scan method is our most detailed form of auditing. Using this method, we scan and count every item for the purpose of updating back-office inventory or setting up point-of-sale (POS) systems for auto-inventory tracking. In addition, this method is good for keeping the proper quantities up-to-date in your pricebook.

Cycle Counts

What We Do


For those businesses that are on a budget, we have a plan that accounts for store inventory over the course of a fiscal quarter. We'll account for specific categories on the first month, rotate into new categories for the second month, and then finish out the accounting on the final month of the quarter with the remaining categories. 

Fixed Asset

What We Do


In case of a Fixed Asset request, our team will come to the location requested to do an inventory and price accounting of all items that will not be sold to the general public. 


This is most useful when an individual is considering selling their business and would like an accurate representation of the value of the company's assets.